The correspondence course for Japanese Tea Ceremony

Benefits of the Correspondence Course

  1. You can learn a simplified version of the tea ceremony via textbook and DVD, and the historyand spirit of Japanese tea ceremony via online textbook.
  2. This course is for beginners, so all that is required to start this course is a will to learn. Everything you need to start performing the tea ceremony is included in the teaching materials, including matcha and all the utensils. So you can study this ceremony at your home as soon as they arrive.
  3. Upon completion of this course, you will receive a certification issued from the Japanese Tea Ceremony Academy in Japan .
    Also you will have the qualification to take the examination for getting the license of "Instructor of Japanese Tea Ceremony".

Teaching Materials

The following are included in the teaching materials:
  1. Text book and DVD

    Text Book

    Excerpts from the text book-1

    Excerpts from the text book-2

    Excerpts from the text book-3

    DVD included with the text book
  2. Watch content sample of the DVD

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  3. Tea utensils
    1. Tea caddy
    2. Bamboo whisk
    3. Tea Bowl
    4. Tea cloth
    5. Tea Scoop
    6. Waste Water container
    7. Tray
    8. Paper napkin
    9. Japanese confectionery
    10. Matcha

    The utensils on the photo are samples.
    Colors and patterns are not available to choose.

Course Subjects and Steps to Obtain the Certifications

The course consists of the following three subjects:
  1. The history and spirit of the Japanese tea ceremony
  2. Guest manners
  3. The simplest way of the Japanese tea ceremony

Each has the online test for make you understand better.
After you pass the all three tests, the Japanese Tea Ceremony Academy will send the certification to you.

How to Study Online

  1. Add "The correspondence course for Japanese Tea Ceremony" to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. Please note that EMS and FedEx International Priory are the only shipping methods accepted for the course, because teaching material include fragile items including a tea bowl. As payment method, we accept Credit Card, PayPal, and Alipay only.
    * Shipping charge is not included in the price of the online course.
  2. Teaching materials will be sent out in 4-7 days after you completing your payment for the course. You will then receive a shipping confirmation email including the online tracking number. Once your order is shipped, you will be able to log into the online course and to view online text book for a period of four months using the email address and password registered with your CDJapan customer account.

Japanese Tea Ceremony Correspondence Course

The correspondence course for Japanese Tea Ceremony

By purchasing the course, you will be able to take the correspondence course that 4 months and receive a certification issued by the Japanese tea ceremony academy by completing 3 online tests.
Your online course begins after following teaching materials are shipped to you:
1.Tea caddy, 2.Bamboo whisk, 3.Tea Bowl, 4.Tea cloth, 5.Tea Scoop, 6.Waste Water container, 7.Tray, 8.Paper napkin, 9.Japanese confectionery, 10.Matcha(green tea power).

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Books recommended for learning the tea ceremony

Sotaku Jyakuan / Hakuun Yoshino / Ako Yoshino
The Book of Zen Tea [w/ English Translation] The Book of Zen Tea describes the essential meaning and purpose of the tea ceremony, and its roots as a religious practice. More than complex rules for etiquette in preparing tea, the tea ceremony in its original form was a type of Zen practice -- a way to incorporate the practice and teachings of Zen Buddhism into everyday life. An essential text for those interested in the tea ceremony, Buddhism, Japanese culture,or how to live in harmony with our surroundings.
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Kakuzo Okakura (translated by Akira Asano)
The Book of Tea (Bilingual books) The Book of Tea is a description of the history, underlying philosophy, and aesthetics of the Japanese tea ceremony. It is also, and more importantly, a book about how to live a meaningful life. It is about nature and simplicity, about art and beauty, about the unfathomable depth in the small things inlife that surround us.The way of tea is founded on a love of what is beautiful in our common everyday lives. It teaches purity and harmony, mutual respect, and the importance of nature and the individual.It is essentially a worship of the imperfect. It is an attempt to accomplish something possible in this impossible world ofours .
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Japanese Tea Ceremony Academy

Japanese Tea Ceremony Academy is an NPO in Japan which administers the licensing system for Japanese Tea Ceremony Instructor, publishes educational books on the tea ceremony, runs a tea ceremony school, and engages in a variety of other activities contributing to the advancement and popularization of tea culture.

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