[Cheep]Recommended eSIM that can be used for Singapore trip in 2023!

This is a review of multiple verified and tested travel eSIMs for Singapore.

Singapore is visited by many people not only for sightseeing trips such as Sentosa Island and Marina Bay Sands, but also for business trips.

I tried about 3 prepaid eSIMs for travelers during my stay in October 2022.

The device used this time is iPhone 13 Pro, iOS 16.

There are over 20 types of travel eSIMs available in Singapore , but here are the three I chose:

  1. nomads
  2. eSIM version SIM2FLY (aka eSIM2Fly)
  3. soracom mobile

I'll go into more detail on each below, but in conclusion, if there are a few differences, I've had no problems with any eSIM and it's been very convenient .

In the future, I think that you will use eSIM, which is easier than procuring SIM locally.

eSIM List for Singapore - Compare Prepaid Data Plans for International Travelers

Easily compare travel eSIMs and data plans in Singapore. Let's find a cheap and recommended prepaid eSIM from the price, word of mouth, and reputation.

singapore carrier

Before we talk about eSIMs, a little background about local networks.

Singtel, StarHub and M1 (probably) are the big three telecom companies in Singapore.

According to Opensignal's June 2022 report, Singtel is the best in terms of quality stability and StarHub is the best in terms of download speed. These two companies are also tops in other categories, and have a similar feel. When I asked local people in Singapore, they generally said that it was good that these two companies were stable. So basically, if you're connecting to Singtel or StarHub in Singapore, you'll be happy with the balance of coverage, speed and quality (stability). .

The eSIM I tried this time was also connected to one of these two companies, and the communication was actually stable (although Singapore is a small country in the first place), and the coverage was no problem at all.


Nomad is one of the best eSIMs for travelers, easy to use and affordable. I used it in Thailand last time and personally liked it, but this time I used it because the plan to Singapore was relatively cheap.

Nomad - Global eSIM Marketplace

Local-rate data packs for instant connectivity Popular countries Download the Nomad iOS app to manage and top up your eSIM anytime, anywhere.


Nomad official website

At the time of writing, there are 6 data plans for Nomad Singapore.

  • 1GB / 7 days : $5
  • 2GB / 30 days : $10
  • 3GB / 30 days : $13
  • 5GB / 30 days : $15
  • 10GB / 30 days : $21
  • 20GB / 30 days : $30

Especially from around the 5GB plan, the GB unit price is less than 3 dollars, so I personally think it's attractive. Even the 3GB plan is $10 if you use the discount code above, so it's a great deal.

I usually buy the 5GB plan, but this time I was planning to use multiple eSIMs, so I bought the smaller 2GB plan.

In addition, the actual purchase method, how to use the promotion code, and how to install the eSIM after purchase are explained in detail below, so please take a look.

How to buy and install Nomad eSIM

Thorough explanation from purchase to installation of Nomad eSIM.

Purchases can be made online or via the app. (Android app also he will be released in October 2022.)

As a flow, eSIM purchase => eSIM installation => data activation . Activate Data is like an activation process, after which your plan will expire as soon as data communication is available.

Communication quality in Singapore

As soon as I arrived at Changi Airport, I assigned this Nomad's eSIM to "data communication" from my iPhone's settings and was instantly connected to the internet in less than 10 seconds.

The local connection network is Singtel and the display is LTE.

Regarding Singtel, there was no problem at all in the area. I stayed for a few days, but I don't think I've ever been out of range. (I think it was 3G around the edge of the airport.)

speed test result

From the left, speed test results around Changi Airport, Merlion, and Universal Studios on Sentosa Island.

Universal Studios on Sentosa Island seemed to be crowded, and there were two antenna pictographs, so it was a little slow, but other than that, the speed was stable and not bad. (Think of it as a prepaid eSIM for travel.)

Ping values ​​are around 50-70 ms via Hong Kong. It's acceptable for me personally.

Internet sharing (tethering) also worked fine.

Check remaining data and purchase additional data

Nomad has a very easy to use and nice looking app. You can check the remaining amount of data, check the expiration date, and purchase additional data as needed from the app.

Nomad iOS App

Adding data is the part written as an add-on, and the price is the same as the original data pack price.

Overview of Nomad eSIM

Connect to Singtel for perfect coverage

Speed ​​is reasonable and Ping value is acceptable

The app is easy to use, allowing you to check the amount of data remaining, the expiration date, and purchase additional data.


SIM2FLY is a prepaid roaming SIM with good cost performance provided by AIS, a major telecommunications company in Thailand.

from AIS SIM2Fly official website

eSIM2Fly is the popular name for the eSIM version and the package contents are exactly the same as a physical SIM card.

Multiple lineups such as a global plan that can be used in more than 140 countries around the world, an Asian plan that can be used in 34 countries in Asia and other regions, and an Asian mini plan that can be used overseas 15 countries in Asia and other regions . It is a very attractive product at a low price .

All of these SIM2FLY eSIMs can be purchased at: esim2fly.com. (Online purchases directly from AIS are limited to Thai residents, otherwise purchasing from this site is the only option.)

The detailed purchase method is described in the article below, so if you are considering purchasing it, please read it.

How to buy a SIM2Fly eSIM (eSIM2Fly)

An easy-to-understand explanation of how to purchase a prepaid eSIM from esim2fly.com.

This time, I thought about using multiple eSIMs for a short stay, so the Asia Mini Plan has a minimum data capacity of 2GB/5 days.

Although profitability has declined due to the weaker yen, the unit price per GB is still less than 300 yen , so I'm personally satisfied.

For stays longer than 3 days, 2GB may not be enough. In such a case, we recommend the 6GB/8 days Asia plan.

After purchasing from esim2fly.com, I installed the eSIM on my iPhone using a QR code the day before my trip . * eSIM2Fly expires when installed on the terminal.

Usage and Precautions

First, eSIM2Fly is a roaming eSIM, so data roaming must be turned ON.

After that, if you assign this eSIM to "data communication" in a country where it is available, you should be able to communicate immediately.

However, this time, for some reason, the antenna pictogram appears and disappears and I can't use the net, and even if it is displayed, I can't communicate and I get the error "PDP authentication failed".

I had no choice but to reset the network settings (Settings > General > Reset > Network Settings) As per the email from esim2fly.com, I was able to communicate successfully.

However, when I did this reset, all the names (labels) of the eSIMs installed in the iPhone returned to the default settings, and all WiFi information (including passwords) that I had connected to in the past disappeared. It was very difficult.

I've previously written about troubleshooting when you can't connect to data, so it's a good idea to start with simple things like turning airplane mode on and off, wait a while, and then reset your network settings as a last resort. . That is correct.

When I used the eSIM version SIM2Fly a few years ago, such an error did not occur, so I think it is rare.

As I wrote at length, as for usage, you can usually install an eSIM, turn on data roaming and assign it to data communication . No other settings or adjustments.

After that, you may receive SMS for various notifications, but at first it will arrive in Thai. To change to English, type *119*2# Send a language change request in your normal phone app and the SMS you receive will be in English.

Communication quality in Singapore

Before the trip, there were some incidents like the above, but from the moment I got off the plane, I was able to connect smoothly.

Just set data roaming ON and mobile data communication as follows.

Data roaming settings and mobile data allocation

The destination network in Singapore is Singtel 5G or 4G.

Since it is Singtel like Nomad's eSIM, there is no problem with radio waves including MRT and Sentosa Island. I went to a place like a rooftop bar, but I was able to receive the signal properly.

speed test result

From the left are the communication test results at Changi Airport, near the Merlion, and near Universal Studios on Sentosa Island.

Like Nomad, the speed dropped around Universal Studios, but it seems that it was about 20 to 50 Mbps downstream from the beginning to the end. Personally, I think it's a level that can be used for normal travel, including uploading.

Ping through Thailand is around 50 ms. Latency is about the same or slightly less than Nomad's eSIM via Hong Kong.

By the way, I don't think there was any change in the perceived speed between 5G and 4G.

Internet sharing (tethering) worked fine.

Check remaining data

There are two ways to check SIM2Fly remaining data on both eSIM and physical SIM. Receive SMS from the myAIS mobile app and Call *111*6# phone app.

It seems that you can purchase additional data (plan) from the myAIS app, but it seems that you need to charge it once before purchasing. (Also, if there is an opportunity to actually do it in the future, I will summarize it in an article.)

Overview of eSIM2Fly

It can be used in major Asian countries including Japan + α, so you can check it in advance before traveling, which is convenient when traveling to multiple countries.

Roamed to Singtel with good coverage, speed and ping good for travel eSIM

soracom mobile

Soracom Mobile is currently only available for iPhone/iPad.

Speaking of eSIM services for travelers from Japan, SORACOM MOBILE . It is a service of Soracom, a KDDI group company, and is characterized by stress-free use by signing in with Apple ID and Apple Pay and installing eSIM from the app.

The flow (how to use) is separately summarized in the following article.

How to purchase and install SORACOM MOBILE eSIM

Thorough explanation of SORACOM MOBILE's eSIM purchase, installation, and line settings.

This is the 3rd time to use it after the US and Vietnam.

Soracom Mobile At the time of writing this article, there are four data plans for Singapore.

  • 1GB / 30 days : $5.89
  • 3GB / 30 days : $16.49
  • 5GB / 30 days : $26.99
  • 10GB / 30 days : $52.99

In terms of cost performance, it is slightly inferior to the above Nomad eSIM and eSIM2Fly, but it is an eSIM that is easy for Japanese people to choose in terms of receiving services and support in Japanese.

Or it may be ant to choose as a backup when other eSIM cannot be used like this person.

Communication quality in Singapore

Soracom Mobile does not require data roaming settings, just assign it to data communication OK. And the initial connection feels very fast too.

For Soracom Mobile, unlike the other two eSIMs, it connects to both Singtel and StarHub. In the unlikely event that one of the lines has a communication failure, you can rest assured, and even if the radio wave is stable on only one side, it is possible to switch (although this may not be the case in Singapore).

The default network selection is "automatic", and it will automatically connect to the better one depending on the radio wave condition, so it is usually OK as it is.

If you want to select manually, you can do it from "Network selection".

Manual network selection

I dared to choose StarHub, which I could not connect with other eSIMs.

In conclusion, there was no big difference in signal conditions between Singtel and StarHub within my range of activity, and both could be used without problems anywhere.

speed test result

From the left, near the Merlion, near Universal Studios on Sentosa Island, and the results of a communication test at Changi Airport.

Overall stable, downloads around 15Mbps. Looking at this number alone, it's a little slower than other eSIMs, but when I actually used it, I honestly didn't feel a big difference. Personally, I think it's perfectly sufficient for the apps and uses that you normally use while traveling.

Ping is slightly higher than 100 ms due to roaming through Japan.

Internet sharing (tethering) is also available.

Check remaining data and purchase additional data

As with Nomad, SORACOM MOBILE can check the remaining data amount and expiration date from the app, and purchase (charge) additional data.

The types and prices of data plans that can be topped up are exactly the same as the original plan (the plan you originally purchased).


Although it is only for iPhone/iPad, it is stress-free from purchase to installation and start of use.

Peace of mind because it is a service provided by a Japanese company

Redundant to connect to both Singtel and StarHub

The speed is also stable, and I don't feel any inconvenience as a travel purpose range

Data remaining amount, expiration date, charge data can be checked with the app

The three eSIMs I tried this time, Nomad, eSIM2Fly, and Soracom Mobile, all seem to be practical.

It can be difficult to choose one

  • If you want convenience and price without any problems with English support, Nomad
  • I want to use it in Japan and overseas & eSIM introduction is OK with QR code, so eSIM2Fly for cost performance
  • It doesn't have to be the lowest price level, so if you want to use it in Japanese without stress, SORACOM MOBILE


>>>note:シンガポールで使えるおすすめのeSIMランキング|BEST eSIM