[2023] Thorough comparison of recommended eSIMs convenient for traveling to Taiwan [Focused on cost performance]

Summary and review of actually using multiple prepaid eSIMs in Taiwan.

Taiwan is geographically close to Japan and is one of the popular travel destinations for Japanese people. Finally, the corona regulation is over, and it is now possible to enter the country like before.

In this article, we have compiled recommended eSIMs, focusing on two prepaid eSIMs, Nomad and MobiMatter (with 3HK eSIM), which we used when we visited Taipei in May 2023.

If you are planning to go to Taiwan on a trip or business trip and are considering an eSIM to use the Internet there, please refer to it.

* Since I am an iPhone user, the information in the article is also the content of the iPhone.

Nomad's esim

As a famous eSIM service for travelers, Nomadic Cospa is also easy to use, and we have been indebted many times in the past.

Nomad's homepage

In terms of price alone, there are some eSIMs that are slightly cheaper than Nomad, but the price difference is not that big, so I chose Nomad for its ease of purchase (site and app) and ease of use.

Nomad does not currently support Japanese, but you can see how easy it is to purchase by looking at the article below.

How to buy and install Nomad eSIM

Thorough explanation from purchase to installation of Nomad eSIM.

Nomad Taiwan Data Plan

*The information below is current at the time of writing. Please check Nomad's official website for the latest information.

Nomad has 13 data plans for Taiwan.

However, 3 of them (the one Truphone offers) are very poor value for money, so the real choices are the next 10 plans.

Data capacity date of expiry price GB unit price
Local in Taiwan 1GB seventh 4 dollars 4 dollars
Local in Taiwan 3GB Day 15 $6 2 dollars
Local in Taiwan 5GB Day 15 $9 $1.8
Local in Taiwan 10GB 30 days $15 $1.5
Local in Taiwan 15GB 30 days $19 $1.27
Local in Taiwan 20GB 30 days $34 $1.7
Local in Taiwan 30GB 30 days $60 2 dollars
Local in Taiwan 40GB 30 days $75 $1.88
Local in Taiwan 50GB 30 days $90 $1.8
Local in Taiwan 100GB 60 days $170 $1.7

(Sorry if the display is a little confusing.)

The lineup is very rich from 1GB to 100GB, and the price is relatively conscientious. However, if you look at the GB unit price, you will understand. If it is 20GB or more, the cost performance will be poor .

The best value for money is the 15GB plan, but I think 3GB to 15GB isn't too bad. Please choose a plan according to your travel period and internet usage.

Since I was staying for a few days this time, I wanted to use a different eSIM, so I bought the smaller 3GB plan.

In addition, since it is only for data communication, it does not have a phone / SMS function.

Taipei Nomad eSIM quality

In the case of Nomad, data activation is required to start using it, but this was not required with the Taiwan plan purchased this time. After purchase, install it on your device and you are ready to go. After arriving at

  • Enable data roaming
  • Set line to mobile data communication

You can get started by doing two things. Normally, you will be able to use the Internet in about 10 seconds after performing the above settings. (In my case it was.)

The connection destination in Taiwan was China Telecommunications , displayed as 5G.

Connect to Chunghwa Telecom 5G with Nomad eSIM

Chunghwa Telecom is the largest telecommunications carrier with the top market share in Taiwan, and the available area (coverage) is also good.

During my stay in Taipei, there were times when the signal reached me twice, but it never went out of range.

communication speed

From the conclusion, it was usable normally, but it was not as fast as I expected .

Here are the actual speed test results. From the left, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Taipei Main Station, Taipei 101 area.

Communication quality of Nomad eSIM Taipei

In general, upload speeds were better than download speeds (albeit marginally). That said, it's a few dozen Mbps, so it's generally a bit slow, so if you're traveling, it's fine.

This Nomad's eSIM shows Hong Kong csl as the provider, but the IP address was Singapore. So the Ping (indicative of the degree of latency) will be around 80 ms.

During my stay in Taipei, there was a time when I thought the data was clogged up, but other than that, there were no particular problems.

Internet sharing (tethering) is also available.

Check the remaining amount of data, etc.

By logging in through the Nomad app (iOS, Android) or the official website, you can check your data usage and purchase additional data if needed.

Some eSIMs don't offer these apps or allow you to add data (top up), but Nomad is solid.

Nomad's Taiwan eSIM Summary

Easy to get started, no activation or registration required. In Taiwan, it is connected to Chunghwa Telecom's 5G.

Delays and speeds aren't particularly good, but they're good enough for internet use while traveling

MobiMatter (3HK eSIM)

Mobi Matter is a site that offers a large number of prepaid eSIMs that are very cost-effective while having a large capacity.

MobiMatter's site isn't that easy to use, but if you can afford a cheap eSIM, the line is more than tolerable. (Personal subjectivity.)

The following article is also summarized with images, so if you are purchasing for the first time, please refer to it.

How to purchase MobiMatter eSIM and member benefits

I will explain the flow of MobiMatter's prepaid eSIM purchase and the benefits of creating an account.

Overview of 3HK eSIM for Taiwan

*The following is the content at the time of writing. Prices are subject to change, so please check back for the latest information. Taiwan eSIM page on MobiMatter official website.

Taiwan eSIM Page - MobiMatter

The Taiwan eSIM page has a list of eSIMs that can be used in Taiwan.

Taiwan 30GB contents are as follows.

  • Data capacity: 30GB
  • Validity period: 30 days
  • Price: $13.99 ($1 = ¥135 = ¥1,890)
  • For GB: $0.47

I was attracted to 30GB because it's too big to use on a normal trip , but above all, it's cheap . Internet sharing is also available , so you don't have to worry about the remaining amount of data. Also, even if 30GB is used up, it can be used at a low speed of 128kbps.

As for the price, if you create a MobiMatter account, you will get a 3% discount, so in that case it will be slightly cheaper than the above price.

Please note that the expiration date starts when you add data only (no voice/SMS) and eSIM to your device.

Some 3HK eSIMs available on MobiMatter require user registration to start using, but this one for Taiwan does not require registration.

Quality of communication in Taipei

3HK's eSIM works just like Nomad. Enable data roaming and assign an eSIM for mobile data.

The first connection may take some time, but should be connected within a minute.

MobiMatter's site stated that it would connect to FarEastOne, but in fact it automatically connected to Chunghwa Telecom. . The display is LTE.

Connect to Chunghwa Telecom LTE with 3HK eSIM

As I wrote earlier, Chunghwa Telecom has the top market share in Taiwan, so I was able to use it without any problems during my stay. It never goes out of range.

communication speed

It was very easy to use from start to finish .

The results of the speed test are as follows. From the left, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Taipei Main Station, Taipei 101 area.

3HK eSIM Taipei communication quality

Uploads are so-so, but downloads are orders of magnitude better than Nomad.

To give you a specific experience, we use the loading of Twitter media (images and videos) as an index, but in the case of Nomad's eSIM, the start of the video is slightly delayed, but here the 3HK eSIM is better. It was smooth.

Regarding roaming communication via Hong Kong, Ping (delay) is about 50ms, which is also better than Nomad.

Check remaining data

When the data usage exceeds 300MB, I received the following SMS from 3HK. So you should probably be notified by SMS each time you step over a threshold. (This time, I only used about 6GB in total, so I only received it once.)

You can also check from the MobiMatter official website or app. (Neither of which is very user-friendly.)

Overview of MobiMatter (3HK eSIM)

There is only one data plan, but it has a large capacity and is the strongest cost performance. Tethering is also OK.

It is connected to Chunghwa Telecom's LTE and the speed is good. Delay is acceptable.

Products and prices are subject to change on rare occasions, so please be sure to check the official website below.

Buy Best eSIM in Taiwan - Offers from $0.5 per GB | Mobi Matter

Buy eSIM Taiwan from $0.50 per GB and stay in touch with your loved ones while traveling to Taiwan with instant delivery. Buy an eSIM now from MobiMatter

Movi Matter

Taiwan eSIM - MobiMatter

Other Promising eSIMs

Below are eSIMs that I have not tried in Taiwan, but that I think are recommended.

soracom mobile

SORACOM, Inc., which develops and provides IoT platforms, utilizes its knowledge of data communication to develop a mobile service for travelers called SORACOM . ”

A prepaid data communication service specializing in eSIM, it can be used not only in Taiwan but also in the United States, Europe, and Japan.

The procedure from purchase to installation is introduced in the article below, but everything is completed with one app, and the ease of use until you start using it is top class. I have never seen a service this easy to use.

How to purchase and install SORACOM MOBILE eSIM

Thorough explanation of SORACOM MOBILE's eSIM purchase, installation, and line settings.

In addition to the low hurdles to use, there is also a sense of security that it is provided by a Japanese company and can be used in Japanese.

Soracom Mobile Taiwan Plan Fee

Prices at the time of writing are as follows.

  • 1GB / 30 days : $3.19
  • 3GB / 30 days : $8.99
  • 5GB / 30 days : $14.99
  • 10GB / 30 days : $28.99

It's true that it's more expensive than other cheap options, but if you don't use much data, for example, you might want to try the 1GB or 3GB plan for a while.


Global eSIM data communication service | SORACOM MOBILE

With Soracom Mobile's eSIM, you can easily and smartly use the Internet while traveling abroad. Experience new overseas data communication with eSIM technology!

soracom mobile

maya mobile

Maya Mobile is also one of the cheapest eSIM services (in some countries) for travelers and is easy to use. It is available in more than 190 countries around the world, but I personally have a strong image in parts of Asia, Europe, and South America.

The following article explains how to purchase an eSIM for Maya Mobile.

How to purchase and install a Maya Mobile eSIM

Detailed instructions on how to purchase and activate travel eSIMs for Maya Mobile.

Maya Mobile Taiwan Plan Pricing

  • 1GB / 30 days : $5
  • 3GB / 30 days : $8
  • 5GB / 30 days : $13
  • 10GB / 30 days : $19
  • 30GB / 30 days : $49

There is also an Asian tour plan. (Omitted here.)

3GB to 10GB seems to be relatively cost effective.

Maya Mobile Official Site

Maya Mobile | Travel eSIM Plans - International Roaming Data

4G and 5G data plans offer instant activation via email, no SIM card required. Get unlimited high-speed data starting at $5.

international roaming data

Maya Virtual Inc.

Comparison with physical SIM card

I usually don't use a physical SIM card unless absolutely necessary, but for comparison with eSIM, here are the prices of SIM cards sold at Chunghwa Telecom at Taoyuan Airport. . (As of May 2023)

  • 3rd place: NT$300 (free call charge NT$100)
  • 5th place: NT$300 (free call charge NT$50)
  • 7th place: NT$500 (Toll-free NT$150)
  • 10th place: NT$500 (free call charge NT$100)
  • 15th: NT$700 (Free call charge NT$100)
  • 30th: NT$1,000 (toll free number NT$430)

Data communication is set to " Unlimited" so it seems to be unlimited. (I don't know if it's completely unlimited.)

I think many people buy SIM cards on Amazon, but I think the market price is about 1,000 yen for 5 days. Therefore, it may be cheaper than buying it locally, but depending on the product, there are many cases where the upper limit of high-speed data communication is set to 2 GB per day.

Again, technically speaking, physical SIM cards can generally be cheaper than eSIMs. However, the advantage of eSIM is that it is easy (or less troublesome) and you don't have to worry about losing the SIM card. With that in mind, is an eSIM a good enough option? It is possible.

Whether you are in Taiwan or not, if you want to use an eSIM while traveling abroad, you can compare various options on the following sites.

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